Use BBCSDL2 with BeebMid

Follow up to BBC SDL2 Copy the player program as normal to IDE.Save it as a .bbc in the root folder (where the exe is located)Name it as BEEBMID.bbcNext, get the DATA from the python scriptPaste into the SDLIDE and rename all (D. commands to DATA commands)Then run it.Inside the shell, type in:A=OPENOUT”DATA”REPEAT:READ […]

BeebMid – 8 bit midi player for the BBC Micro

A set of programs to Convert, Save and Play MIDI tracks on the BBC Micro. Usage: Will bring up the player code. This can be entered and saved on the BBC as a program. Instructions about this can be found here:—Loading-&-Saving-a-Program Then use: To process the midi data code. This can be copied […]

Blackout – my first full game

Blackout is a side scrolling, dimension swapping, platforming shoot’em up written in python with pygame. It’s my first game and packs a ton of features including a trailer,  high scores screen, title menu, level editor and so much more! Still in Beta! Level editor in Alpha! Currently supporting a Windows build. Works in Linux/Mac using […]

BBC Micro Image Converter

Convert PNG, BMP, JPEG, JPG to BBC Micro screen dumps.This is a file mirror due to the original site’s links broken, and no current mirrors. I don’t even know how I found it myself, but it’s the latest version!Edit: After some more searching I found it on! DohSo I’ve left my mirrors as alternatives […]