Minecraft Server Bedrock Support – Server Guide #2

It’s quite annoying when major billion dollar corporations don’t want consumers to mix and match their video game products. Specifically Minecraft: Bedrock and Java Edition.


The GeyserMC Minecraft server plugin will fix that!
GeyserMC is a proxy server that will accept Minecraft Bedrock connections, translate them and send them over to the Java server. It basically emulates the Bedrock player on the Java server with the use of floodgate. Geyser will only create the bridge, but floodgate will grant you access. Because the Java server uses different methods of verification than Bedrock, floodgate will verify the Bedrock user and also allow that Bedrock user to connect to the server.
Best of all, it’s all as easy as installing a plugin!

Before you continue, make sure you have followed my previous guide page, or have a working spigot/paperMC server running fluidly.
If you want to set this up publicly (to play with friends), make sure you have port forwarded the correct ports and protocols on your router, as explained in my previous guide page under the “Port Forwarding” section.


With that out of the way, download the GeyserMC spigot plugin from jenkins, and the floodgate-bukkit (for spigot, paperMC, they are bukkit forks) plugin, from jenkins too.
Put these in your plugins folder of your server.
Restart the server, config files will be generated, and you should be pretty much ready to go.
When you join the server from Bedrock, your Gamer tag will have a asterisk (*) prefix, which defines you as a Bedrock user. This can be turned off by changing the

username-prefix: "*"

to nothing in the “config.yml” of floodgate-bukkit in the


directory. Geyser also has lots of config options, but I wouldn’t recommend changing these as they come pre-optimised and mostly for advanced use.

I will soon be writing up my next page of the guide, which will be integrating the Sleeping Server Starter plugin, which will wake up the server when someone attempts to establish a connection. Stay tuned!

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