Ray Tracing with POV-Ray

Been experimenting with the Persistence Of Vision Ray tracer and have rendered a few images and animations (note: some GIFs may suffer from minor compression):

The splinefollow example in 3rd person; 20 frames, 12fps, 512×384 (3x size of original)
This GIF gives you more of an idea of how many frames were actually rendered. (note this has been reduced by 2 frames for some reason)
The splinefollow example in first person, 120 frames, 12fps, 512×384

I don’t take ownership of any of these animations, I just thought it’d be cool to share my renders here.

Anyway, thanks for spending your time to read this blog, and if your reading from the future, leave a comment, and like a video of mine (It’s really appreciated!)

And by the way, if you ever have any issues about or with this blog or project, or just want to share your results from it, create a thread in the website Forum. Thanks!

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