BBC Micro Image Converter

Convert PNG, BMP, JPEG, JPG to BBC Micro screen dumps.
This is a file mirror due to the original site’s links broken, and no current mirrors.
I don’t even know how I found it myself, but it’s the latest version!
Edit: After some more searching I found it on! Doh
So I’ve left my mirrors as alternatives and put in the one.

Edit: 2023: Also found it in this long general list of programs for BBC Micro and Acorn related dev:

This page is solely for preservation and archival purposes. There is no copyright infringement intended by any means. All credit for the below software go to Dreamland Fantasy Studios – 2007

BBC Micro Image Converter
v0.20 – (c) 2007 Dreamland Fantasy Studios

Direct Download (0.20), (

Original Webpage (


.7z (7-zip – extract with WinRAR):


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