Python Physics Simulation

Create a ball-rolling interactive physics simulation in python 3.6+ with pyglet + pymunk!

I don’t have much reason to create a whole in-depth tutorial about this, but I can link a great series of YouTube videos by AtiByte which showed me how to do this.

I’ve uploaded the source code below, as well as a compiled executable of my python script, which of both you can download and run below. Unzip with 7zip or WinRAR.

You’ll have to install pyglet and pymunk to run the source:

pip install pyglet
pip install pymunk



Anyway, thanks for spending your time to read this blog, and if your reading from the future, leave a comment, and like a video of mine (It’s really appreciated!)

And by the way, if you ever have any issues about or with this blog or project, or just want to share your results from it, create a thread in the website Forum. Thanks!

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