BeebMid – 8 bit midi player for the BBC Micro

A set of programs to Convert, Save and Play MIDI tracks on the BBC Micro.


py -2 --player

Will bring up the player code. This can be entered and saved on the BBC as a program. Instructions about this can be found here:—Loading-&-Saving-a-Program

Then use:

py -2 --data "midi_track.mid"

To process the midi data code. This can be copied and executed on the Micro, and it’ll save itself. But make sure to edit the name of the file from “Data” to something else.

Then you can chain the player you saved first, then enter the name of your data file you saved.
Then, once you’re bored of that song, you can delete it, then re-process & save a new midi track, (without re-processing the player) saving disk space and increasing the maximum amount of tracks on a disk, since with midi-beeper you could only have 1 track per disk.

Using BeebMid with BBCSDL2

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