Minecraft Sleeping Server Program – Building from replit.com – Server Guide #3.5

If you’ve read my previous page, which you should have (It’s very helpful), and you’re thinking:
I want a binary but I don’t want the source files on my local machine. The developer hasn’t released a build, what can I do?
Fear not, for anyone with this stupid question doesn’t have to question anymore!
You can build the project online in the cloud for free using repl.it!

Can’t be bothered? Here’s my repl, the binaries are in the /home/mcsleepingserverstarter/bin/ folder. For Linux and Windows.

Let’s get into it.

Building from replit.com

It’s quite simple. Log in or create an account with google or github. Create a repl, one of your choice that supports shell, and load it up.

Open the “Shell” tab on the right, and type in the following. (Press Enter every line.)

git clone https://github.com/vincss/mcsleepingserverstarter.git
cd mcsleepingserverstarter
npm i
npm run build:typescript
npm run build:linux/win

Builds should be in the /home/mcsleepingserverstarter/bin/ folder.

Anyway, thanks for spending your time to read this blog, and if your reading from the future, leave a comment, and like a video of mine (It’s really appreciated!)

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